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School Hall

The Main Hall accommodates approximately 400 people seated and 100 in the balcony.  It is furnished to high specification and features a large stage with proscenium arch, blue velvet curtains, a commemorative stained glass window and both main lighting from large, period hanging lights or slightly softer pelmet up-lighting, together with audio and projection facilities. Wood flooring enhances the ambiance of the venue.

The stage is 20 feet wide and 22 feet deep at the proscenium and offers an on stage clearance 15 feet to the rigid, integral fly frame. The stage stands at a height of 3feet 8 inches above the auditorium floor. The stage floor is inclined at approximately 12 degrees to the horizontal. Additional staging blocks (Doughty Easydeck) are also available and measure 1.2x1.2x0.5m (WxDxH). These can be used as risers, if necessary.

The stage is fully equipped with twenty 13amp wall sockets. All are radially wired and are connected to a circuit breaker board, designed for this application. There are also six 13 amp sockets wired to the side edges of the stage at the foot of the proscenium (three to each side).

The stage also offers a retractable screen (of 5 metres x 4 metres) and the facility to connect a PC/laptop to the remote projector.

There is currently no permanent stage lighting. However, lighting of several types has been used including tripod mounted spots/par cans to two full flying frames of 6 metre trussing, with up to 20 stage lights per truss (Par cans and Fresnel’s, chain winched to the integral fly frame) It should be noted that larger lighting systems may require an external generator  (The school music technician can work out system loadings/supply capability if required/you’re unsure).

There is a choice of sound systems available for the auditorium, to assist when the natural acoustic are not enough.

Small PA (600 watts per channel), comprising two full range 10” drivers, tripod  mountable to suit the application and connected to a Yamaha 12 channel mixing desk with in-build DFX, compressors and feedback suppression.

Large PA (1200 watts per channel), comprising a Yamaha 24 channel mixing desk with full on-board facilities feeding two Peavey twin channel stereo power amplifiers, wired in crossover to feed two Electro Voice 12” high range speakers and two 18” Electro Voice Subwoofers. Additionally, the system can also support two 10” (300W) powered stage monitors. This application would suit stage productions, DJ’s or full band sound reinforcement.

The school lectern can be used to address gatherings either on or off stage and has the facility to be mic’ed unobtrusively with a boundary microphone, which does not obscure vision or require any apparatus. This can be connected to either PA, in any scenario.