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Pixl Independence

Our school is a member of PiXL – a leadership organisation which works with 1800 secondary schools and 350 Post 16 providers across the country to help give students a ‘better future and brighter hope’.

The reformed GCSEs are more challenging than ever before.  In order for students to succeed and access the higher level grades students need to be able to read widely and think critically. There is an expectation that students at sixth form and university level will be able to be independent when it comes to their learning.  Students need to take ownership of their learning at an early age to be truly successful in their GCSEs and beyond.

What is PiXL Independence?

PiXL Independence is a strategy across all subjects at GCSE and is designed to help your child understand what he knows (or doesn’’t know) so that he can address any issues the has during his studies.   PiXL’s mantra is DTT (Diagnosis, Therapy and Testing) and they produce resources around this model:

  • Diagnosis – What is stopping me moving forward?

  • Therapy -  How can I be helped to move forward?

  • Testing –  Has it worked?

How does my child access the material?

All of these resources provided by PiXL are available on a secure login area on the right.

All parents were written to with a username and password.   If you require a new password please contact the school office. Once you have logged in you will see a folder for each subject and within this you will  find a booklet/s for each subject. Each booklet has different tasks for your child to complete.

These materials have been provided by PiXL and are available to our school but must not be given to anyone who is not in our school. This material is the copyright of PiXL.

How does it work?

These materials contain an array of different activities, tasks and information. They include knowledge quizzes, short style questions, wider reading, academic reading and essay style questions. Your child completes a section of one of the booklets and then completes the Diagnosis, Therapy, Testing (DTT) sheet. On this sheet he has to identify one thing he didn’t understand from what he has done, how he is going to learn it and evidence of his new learning.

What about the templates?

We learn when we transform the information we are looking at into a different form. We have created some templates that your child can use to transform his learning, He can simply download them from the website and use them for any task or subject.

If students can raise their level of independent learning and actively seek out areas for development they will raise their level of attainment.