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In the geography department at Royal Liberty School we recognise that geography holds the key to all our futures, whether it be working out the best way of supplying a business with vital resources, saving a particular ecosystem from human threat, looking for future energy supplies or totally new energy options, where and how we can all live or simply discovering some fantastic places. Geography is for enquiring minds and in our department we take an issue-based approach to topics of learning so that students can question, discover and relate to the relevance of complex issues around our globe that do or will affect us all.

Key Stage 3

In year 7 students build up their knowledge and understanding of rivers and flooding, the challenges faced by Low Income and High Income (LIC / HIC) countries and the issues surrounding sustainable living in our urban areas. They also cover world biomes, particularly looking at hot deserts, tropical rainforests and polar biomes, before completing decision making exercises where they become the government and the planners to solve one of the major issues surrounding the interaction between human and physical geography.

In year 8 students will investigate world population dynamics, the issues created and responses to address those issues that have/ maybe could be attempted. There is also an indepth look at plate tectonics, the future of energy and resources and how the coast shapes our land, before we just have time to tackle world development levels and issues.

At KS4 students follow the new AQA A course (subject code 8035):

Topics studied include:

Unit 1 Living with the Physical Environment

A) Challenge of Natural Hazards

B) The Living World

C) Physical Landscapes in the UK


Unit 2 Challenges in the Human Environment

A) Urban Challenges

B) The Changing Economic World

C) The Challenge of Resource Management


Unit 3 Geographical Applications

A) Issue Evaluation

B) Fieldwork