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Feedback Page

On this page are some quotes taken from parent feedback to the school. We have left the quotes anonymous to protect identity of parents and students referenced.

 If you would like to contact us with your own feedback then please fill out the Online Feedback Form.

"You do a fantastic job of well putting your new year 7 students at ease. My son has come home from his year 6 induction day happy and full of info on the events and the friends he has made."
"My son has a much increased confidence now, where he didn't before. I am convinced that the vertical tutoring, house system and pastoral care at the school is largely responsible for this."
"Thank you for dealing with my sons issues swiftly and fairly. You gave me the opportunity to give good input into resolving the problem that occurred. You put a stop to it and also kept me informed of everything that was happening"
"I think the school are very good at listening and acting on anything that is brought to their attention"
"We think the encouragement your staff gave my son was fantastic! He has achieved the qualifications to go onto college and we are very proud of him. Thanks you."
 "My son always comes home happy from school and actually wants to tell me all about his day and what he is learning."
"We like the fact that you have gone back to the old system of parents evenings in the sports hall with teaching staff, rather than form tutors. Thank you for listening to parents views and acting on them."
"The school gave my son great school opportunities which I encouraged him to join in with - He loves the Duke of Edinburgh activities”