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FAQ Students

School Assembly Years 7 + 8

Tuesday, 20th September 2016

Questions regarding becoming a Multi-Academy Trust with RCS

Q:  How long has RCS been open for? 

A:  I’m not sure – a long time

Q:  Was there a letter sent out? 

A:  Yes – to parents on Friday

Q:  What will the school be called? 

A:  It will stay the same

Q:  When will this happen or has it happened? 

A:  This is the consultation & governors will look at all questions & comments and if they decide to go ahead it will probably be January 2017

Q:  Will our sports team be the same? 

A:  Yes it will

Q:  Are we definitely joining or just talking about it? 

A:  This is the consultation we will become and multi-academy trust school.  The governors will decide when they’ve heard from students, staff & parents

Q:  Will we be choosing a different school a well? 

A:  We are joining with RCS as they have the same values & ethos as our school; if another school wanted to join they would have to consult and have the same values

Q:  Are our parents coming in – when? 

A:  Yes they received a letter inviting them to a consultation evening in October

Q:  Are there any days that RCS will come here? 

A:  I cannot predict that at the moment

Q:  Will anything change in the school? 

A:  The school will stay the same name, uniform, times of day.  You probably won’t notice much change at all

Q:  Will we go on trips with RCS? 

A:  Perhaps in the future – there are no plans at the moment

Q:  What does RCS uniform look like? 

A:  Blue Blazer & Grey Trousers

Q:  Will we get vending machines? 

A:  No

Q:  Will we have the same rules as RCS? 

A:  We will keep our rules and systems e.g. we are VT school; RCS isn’t - there are no plans to change.  We are individual schools that work together

School Assembly Years 9 + 10

Thursday, 22nd September 2016

Questions regarding becoming a Multi-Academy Trust with RCS

Q: Will our sports team change? 

A:  No it will all stay the same – we will still be competing against RCS

Q   Where is RCS, will we have to go there? 

A:  About 10 minutes away by car.   You are not expected to go to RCS for any lesson and RCS girl’s won’t come here -  ‘you chose a boys’ school!’

Q:  Do we get more money if we become an academy? 

A:  We get money to help us become an academy but we won’t get other extra funding

Q:  When will people be consulted? 

A:  Now – we are holding staff, parent & student consultations

     Our aim is to launch both new academies January 2017

Q:  What’s the point of it? 

A:  The point is that both schools will worth together to share expertise & resources benefiting all students

Q:  Will some of our teacher’s go to RCS? 

A:  Teachers will stay in their own school.  There might be occasions where they go to RCS but they will be employed by us