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FAQ Parents

Questions following Parent Consultation at The Royal Liberty School on Monday 17th October 2016

Will there be a shared Governing Body?

  • There will be representatives from both schools and there will also be external representatives. 
  • Members/Trustees will be selected based on their skill set.

Will there be other schools and how would they join?

  • In the future there could be other schools that join the MAT.  The schools would need to share the MAT’s values and ethos and would need to have the same drive for ambition.  Each school would keep their identity and individuality.
  • The MAT between Redden Court and Royal Liberty is a community MAT.  Any schools joining would be from the local area.  Our MAT would be relatively small and exclusive.

Do the other schools that join have to be secondary?

  • Most of the other secondary schools have already paired up.  There are currently far more primary schools who are not included within a MAT, primary schools seem to be about 1- 2 years behind the secondary schools.
  • There is a plan to develop a primary arm of the MAT, this would also help with the intake of students and raising achievement.

Is it a formality?

  • No, this is a consultation and views will be considered.  However, we are down the road to be becoming an Academy.
  • Governors will meet and discuss points/concerns raised before a decision is made.
  • So far there has been a positive response from students and parents and a mixed response from staff.
  • The launch of the Royal Liberty School as an academy and for us to form the MAT with Redden Court School will be January 1st 2017.
  • The money for the additional expenditure such as solicitors fees etc. will be via a grant from the EFA - £25k, no money (for the conversion) will be taken from the school’s budget.

Is there a possibility of a 6th Form?

  • It would be a great opportunity; however it is very difficult to launch a new 6th form.
  • Funding is non-existent for the first few years and would cost the MAT/school a lot of money.   

Good idea, glad that it’s Redden Court and I am all for it!