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Drama Studio

Our drama studios dimensions are approximately 16 metres x 8 metres. It offers a flexible space, with up to six staging blocks (Doughty Easydeck) available measuring 1.2x1.2x0.5m (WxDxH) to construct bespoke staging designs. Soft flooring is available.

Eight 13 amp wall sockets are available in two banks of four ways. These are supplemented by the standard use of flying extensions, which can be prewired to suit, keeping the floor space clear.

There is a small screen/whiteboard wall mounted which has a hardwired projector available from an IT dock on the wall adjacent to the whiteboard.

In addition to standard utility strip lighting, the studio has a fully functioning set of stage lights, comprising 8 x 4.4 inch Fresnel’s and 2 x floods. The lights are mounted on a system of five powered bars, which offer infinite lighting opportunities. The lighting system is remote controlled by a manual DMX mixing board.

Sound is provided through a small PA (600 watts per channel) , comprising two full range 10” drivers, tripod  mountable to suit the application and connected to a Yamaha 12 channel mixing desk with in-build DFX, compressors and feedback suppression. All wiring can be taped or flying, to suit the application.